Martial Arts Programs

Our martial arts programs in Mooresville are designed to give children, teenagers and adults the very best martial arts experience possible.  We believe it takes an extraordinary effort by extraordinary people to produce extraordinary results and we have helped thousands of Morgan County children, teenagers and adults improve their physical, intellectual, emotional and social health.

There is simply no better way for a child to build character, stay physically fit, improve their life skills and make new friends in a fun, stimulating and supportive environment than with our Kids Martial Arts Programs

If you’re a teenager or adult looking for a unique to get active physically, the solution is our Teen & Adult Martial Arts Program.  Our program offers a full body workout that improves health and fitness by developing stamina, strength, flexibility and agility.

Top Notch Programs - Extraordinary Instructors - 1st Class Facilities - Supportive, Positive Environment

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Morgan County’s Top Program for Kids 3-6 Yrs. Old –  Little Dragons (Ages 3-6) is the top rated Martial Arts kids program in Morgan County.   Our experienced instructors will help your children enhance their motor skills, their ability to follow directions, and ability to socialize with other children. Parents and teachers have found that children in our Little Dragons (Ages 3-6) program are better prepared than their peers when they enter preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

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Prepare your child for success at home, at school, and in life.  IMA is extremely popular with parents & teachers because we emphasize the personal development of our students. Our well-trained instructors have years of experience not just in martial arts, but also in child development. They use their knowledge to provide a safe and fun environment for your children to grow. At IMA, your children will build character and learn values that will prepare them for school and life.  Our instructors strive to teach our students not only the knowledge that will help progress them to their next belt, but also the life skills knowledge that will make them much happier and healthier in the future. While focusing on the goal of BLACK BELT, students will gain skills in key areas such as self-discipline, control, responsibility and respect. Parents and teachers love the impact that our program has on our students.


Great Alternative to Traditional Gym Workouts – If you’re a teenager or adult looking to get in shape, lose weight or relieve some stress, but the thought of another monotonous gym workout makes you cringe, the solution is our Teen & Adult Martial Arts Program.  Our program offers a full body workout that improves health and fitness by developing stamina, strength, flexibility and agility. And along with the fact that our Martial Arts is a great workout, our Teen/Adult program is extremely welcoming, and you'll soon find that positive life-long friendships as well as an encouraging support system are guaranteed when you're at Indiana Martial Arts.

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The Importance of Teaching our Children Self Confidence

"As a parent, have you ever considered what your son or daughter experiences every day at school?  Who their peers are, and what those peers are teaching your child?  What kinds of things they are exposed to during a school day?  How these things may be molding your child's future..."


What our students & parents are saying...

"Family-oriented and Christ-centered karate school that teaches responsibility, respect, and life lessons in addition to self defense. This program has been amazing for my daughter and given her confidence. I cannot say enough good..."

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543 Bridge St.

Mooresville, Indiana 46158

Call: (317) 834-0994

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