Little Dragons Program

Karate for students ages 3-6 yrs old


Little Dragons - Morgan County's Top Kids Martial Arts Program (Ages 3-6 years old)

Indiana Martial Arts has helped Morgan County parents prepare their preschool age children for kindergarten and first grade for over 25 years. Instilling character traits takes trust and respect at this young age and our children’s instructors have the child development training and skills that children respond to.

With literally hundreds of preschool programs to choose from, why is IMA’s Mini Dragons ranked as the #1 Kids Martial Arts/Karate Program in Morgan County for ages 3-4?  The answer is our “Difference Makers” and if you’re looking for an extraordinary martial arts experience for your preschooler, you’ve come to the right place.

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There is nothing average or mediocre about our martial arts instructors, our programs, our facilities or our commitment to helping each and every student reach their true potential and becoming the very best person that they can be.  Our “Difference Makers” eliminate the

guesswork and make choosing the best martial arts program for you,

your children and your family a slam dunk!  


1. Our Martial Arts Instructors

2. Our Approach/ Curriculum/ Programs

3. Our Facility

4. Our History

5. Our Community

Experience our “Difference Makers” for yourself by taking advantage of our

No Obligation FREE Class Offer for new students, their parents and their

families.  Register now and your preschooler will receive a FREE Martial

Arts Uniform in addition to their FREE Class.  The uniform and class are

ABSOLUTELY FREE when you register and there is no obligation.


Martial Arts for Kids has been one of the fastest growing segments of the

sports industry over the last 15 years, but it’s a new experience for many Morgan County parents with preschoolers.  Baseball, basketball, football and other traditional sports all have something to offer children, but the age requirement is 5+ and they can’t compete with the features and full package of benefits that martial arts offer.

There’s simply no better way for a child to exercise, stay physically fit, build character, make new friends, develop life skills and have a ton of fun than our Kids Martial Arts Programs.  You can expect your child to learn or benefit by participating in our Mini Dragons (Ages 3-4) Martial Arts Class in the following ways:

Mini Dragon Program Features Include:

Safe, Structured & Fun Martial Arts/Karate Drills

Certified Instructors Specially Trained to Work with & Teach Children

State-of-the-Art Spacious Training Facility

Safe, Structured & Fun Martial Arts/Karate Drills

Certified Instructors Specially Trained to Work with & Teach Children

AMAA’s Award-Winning Life Skills Curriculum

Supportive, Positive Family Environment

Separate Play Area to Have Fun, Play Games & Make Friends

24/7 Adult Supervision

Little Dragon Benefits Include:

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Exercise/Physical Fitness                    Increased Self-Confidence                    Better Disciplined

Tons of Fun                                          Better Behavior                                      Increased Focus/Concentration

Making New Friends                            Improved Listening Skills                      More of a Team Player

Learning Life Skills                               Happier & More Helpful                        Improved Socialization Skills

We believe it takes an extraordinary effort by extraordinary people to produce extraordinary results and those core values, along with our community-oriented/family vibe, is woven into the fabric of our programs, our classes, our instructors and our martial arts training facilities. Our Mini Dragons Martial Arts program is a great choice for parents who want more than an average or mediocre marital arts experience for their preschool age children.  

They’ll get that and much more at Indiana Martial Arts.

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The Importance of Teaching our Children Self Confidence

"As a parent, have you ever considered what your son or daughter experiences every day at school?  Who their peers are, and what those peers are teaching your child?  What kinds of things they are exposed to during a school day?  How these things may be molding your child's future..."


What our students & parents are saying...

"Family-oriented and Christ-centered karate school that teaches responsibility, respect, and life lessons in addition to self defense. This program has been amazing for my daughter and given her confidence. I cannot say enough good..."

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543 Bridge St.

Mooresville, Indiana 46158

Call: (317) 834-0994

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