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Our Martial Arts Instructors – The Not So Secret to Our Success

The best martial arts classes and programs in the world are of little value without highly trained instructors who can effectively relay the physical and mental skills associated with Karate to students of all ages and abilities.

This is especially true when it comes to teaching children.  It takes an extraordinary person to connect with children and our instructors are extraordinary.  All of the instructors at Indiana Martial Arts are certified, have completed at least two years of Martial Arts College and have been specially trained to work with and teach children.  They are some of the most qualified instructors in the martial arts industry and their commitment to helping other is beyond reproach.

Our instructors are all extremely proficient in the techniques of karate and have demonstrated the skills and ability to safely relay those techniques to students of all ages and abilities.  While physical skills are important, they pale in comparison to the life skills that martial arts and our instructors have to offer.


Our instructors are trained to tailor their martial arts teaching methods to fit the individual child, teenager or adult with an emphasis on positive correction and encouragement.

Our instructors and key staff members have grown up with IMA and it adds another layer of authenticity to the values and family friendly vibe that students, families and their guests feel when they walk into one of our training facilities.

Our martial arts family is committed to helping each student be the very best person that they can possibly be and our instructors play a key role in maintaining that commitment on a daily basis.

7th Degree Black Belt, Owner/Founder and Master of our Karate School. Master Paul is the Master Instructor and the man that started this wonderful journey that IMA has been on. Along with his wife, Shihan Valerie Paul, they purchased their first Karate school in Minooka, Illinois in 1999. After Moving to Indiana in 2001, they soon opened the doors to Indiana Martial Arts! Starting...Learn More

1st Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor Mr. Wallace has been training at Indiana Martial Arts since 2013 and received his Black Belt in 2017. Developing into one of IMA's finest Instructors William Wallace has been trained on Child Development and is also one of our adult's favorite instructors. While he enjoys teaching everything, his favorite things to learn, practice, and teach would have to be anything weapons or self-defense related. 






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Mr. Wallace demonstrating one of his favorite self defenses, a wrist lock, on one of our Teen/ Adult students, Mr. Weidner.

1st Degree Interim Black Belt , Instructor Miss Wallace has been training at Indiana Martial Arts since 2013 and received her Black Belt in 2019. Miss Wallace is the Coordinator of our After School program. She has personally been impacted by IMA and strives to have that same impact on all of the students she encounters!


The Importance of Teaching our Children Self Confidence

"As a parent, have you ever considered what your son or daughter experiences every day at school?  Who their peers are, and what those peers are teaching your child?  What kinds of things they are exposed to during a school day?  How these things may be molding your child's future..."


What our students & parents are saying...

"Family-oriented and Christ-centered karate school that teaches responsibility, respect, and life lessons in addition to self defense. This program has been amazing for my daughter and given her confidence. I cannot say enough good..."

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