April's Events

Weapons Mania

Interested in trying a variety of different weapons and competing with the knowledge you learn? Join us during Weapons Mania. We are going to have so much fun learning and competing with weapons that students may not usually have the opportunity to practice.

Friday, April 16th 6:30-7:30p; $60

For 12 weeks total, final dates will be posted separately

Catch Up Camp

Open to all students looking to get some additional progress on their current belt. This self-guided practice time allows students to work on skills specific to their belt and receive feedback from instructors.

Saturday 17th 10a-12p; $25

Bring a Friend Week

Let's Spring into the new season by inviting a friend to class!! The buddy you bring can be from school, from church, from a sports team, or even just someone from your neighborhood! For each friend you bring, you'll get to choose a prize!

April 12th - 22nd

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