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Who We Are


Indiana Martial Arts is a unique, family oriented karate studio with a dedicated family of well-trained, supportive and positive martial arts instructors and key staff members.  The Karate we teach transcends physical “art” and embraces kindness, community and compassion as well as self-defense skills.

We strive to help people of all ages improve the physical, mental and social aspects of their lives and work together as a team to help all of our students achieve their goals and become the best person that they can possibly be.  Creating a positive and supportive family oriented martial arts environment stimulates our students growth and is a key factor in reaching their true potential as martial artists and human beings.

Our Kids Martial Arts Programs, starting at 3 years of age, are designed to build character,

keep kids healthy/physically fit and improve their life skills including self-confidence,

respect, focus, self-esteem, discipline, courtesy and compassion etc.

Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts Program is a total workout and delivers extensive

martial arts benefits including improved muscle tone, weight loss, increased cardiovascular

fitness, lower stress levels, increased energy and greater flexibility etc.

Our Journey & How We Got Here

Our founder, Master John Paul, is a true Martial Artist.

 Martial Arts, his personal journey and the lessons he learned along the way

have made a profound difference in his life. His desire to

“give back” and help others realize the physical, mental and

spiritual benefits of martial arts training became a reality 19 years

ago when he opened our flagship Indiana Martial Arts in

Morgan County.

Our training facilities have grown tremendously over the two

decades and IMA has touched and help improve

the physical, mental and spiritual lives of thousands upon

thousands of students throughout Morgan County.

Master Paul continues to share his knowledge, personal experiences, expertise and his personal journey with

students of all ages on a daily basis and his living legacy is Indiana Martial Arts.

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The Importance of Teaching our Children Self Confidence

"As a parent, have you ever considered what your son or daughter experiences every day at school?  Who their peers are, and what those peers are teaching your child?  What kinds of things they are exposed to during a school day?  How these things may be molding your child's future..."


What our students & parents are saying...

"Family-oriented and Christ-centered karate school that teaches responsibility, respect, and life lessons in addition to self defense. This program has been amazing for my daughter and given her confidence. I cannot say enough good..."

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543 Bridge St.

Mooresville, Indiana 46158

Call: (317) 834-0994

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